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Jane Nguyen Brows Microblading


Jane Nguyen is a Microblading Artist who graduated from the famous Phibrows Academy of Europe. She also graduated from Spring Time Academy of Korea when she was still in Vietnam. She combines skills from Korea and Europe to create artwork perfectly for each client’s eyebrows.
Jane has helped hundreds of clients achieve their desired results. She is trained and licensed to perform 3D Microblading and 6D Phi Fusion, combining Microblading and Shading skills. Additionally, Jane holds a certificate of Color Theory for Eyebrows, so she has expertise in selecting color to precisely match the eyebrows and skin tone of the client. For clients without previous tattoos, eyebrow color will never turn red or blue after healing. The eyebrow shape is always designed to the client’s satisfaction.

With many years of experience in the artistry of beautiful eyebrows, Jane performs Microblading wholeheartedly and passionately for her clients. Jane's clients always feel happy and amazed with the incredible results.
Also, with an eye for beauty, Jane will ensure your eyebrows will be done with an artistic vision and precision.
“A Pretty Face Is Not Complete Without Pretty Brows”

If you have any questions about eyebrows, please feel free to send message for Jane.